OOTP15 Server Conversion

Stay tuned for details

New Fullcount OOTP15 League File- http://www.mediafire.com/download/d52bugglbj7b6e9/fullcountbaseball.lg.zip

Hold onto your hat fullcounters, we’re going to a new server, and we’ll update to OOTP15 as part of that process.  Sorry, there’s just no other choice but to change servers at this time, and it doesn’t make sense to stick with OOTP14, as so much conversion is required on the part of the commish, it’s just better if we rip off the band-aid and do a double conversion now.  If you only have ootp14, two options for you (1) ootp15 is on sale for 29.99 right now at steam. (2) I can hold your team for you until the all star break sale.

User Forum

I’m having a very very hard time converting the user forum at the moment, and it’s not looking good.  Don’t punish yourself trying to log in right now, if I can’t get this to work, we may end up using a new user forum.

Server Change + Resumption of play information

At the conclusion of the 2029 playoffs, fullcountbaseball.net will be transferred onto a new webhost, MochaHost.  Bigleagues.org is already running on this host

What does this mean to you?

  • You will need to reinstall a new fullcount.lg file (or a new settings file) upon completion of the conversion, as our league file settings will change.  I’ll inform you here once it’s ready (see resumption date info below…)
  • Fullcountbaseball.net will undergo a series of outages during the change, and may not be fully accessible.  I will be updating bigleagues,org throughout this time
  • At some point, I will be transferring over our forum.  I will make a post indicating that a back up of the existing forum has occurred (no further posts will be transferred into the new forum at this point).  Forum user accounts and posts will be moved onto the new server

Why now?
Our current host, JustHost is requesting a huge renewal sum (over $300+) to renew, and as much as I love Fullcount and my other websites, this just ain’t happening. Secondly the forum software we’re using (phpbb) has reached end of life, it will no longer patch, and thus requires a complete reinstall.
Thirdly, my wife and I are expecting in March, so this offseason HAS to be the offseason for a change.

Possible resumption date
In thinking through the Christmas holiday — I do hope to have everything done by end of this weekend (Sunday Dec 22nd), or early next week (Tuesday 24th, Christmas eve), absolute worst case scenario. My plan is that we’re resume some end of year sims on the 28th or 29th of December (Saturday or Sunday).

New league file
As stated earlier, players will need to re-install the league file, once I’ve reconfigured it and customized it for our new host provider. Look for details on www.bigleagues.org, as they will be published here first.